Chicagoland customers review their experience with Veseli Design + Build, Inc.

Visualizes Hidden Potential

“Veseli Design & Build allowed us to transform our 1980's era condo into something we could never have imagined.  Goran Veselinovic, our architect and contractor, helped us to visualize the hidden potential in our unit and redefined it into a modern, comfortable living space.  We were not only pleased with the end result but with the [...]

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Attention to Detail

"It was a pleasure to work with Veseli.  I appreciated his attention to detail and his commitment to excellence.  Veseli turned my condo into a cutting-edge showplace."      About the review, Lana Dass: Location: Chicago-River East Gender: Female Age range: 45-50 years old

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Artistic Passion

“Veseli is an innovative leader whose artistic passion in interior design matches the grand skills of an architect.  Our experience can be summarized as the epitome of upscale modern life expressed through hybridization of contemporary and traditional, Western and Eastern, and cozy and chic.  Above all, Veseli strives for excellence by learning and adapting in [...]

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Great Follow Through

“I appreciate the fact that Veseli kept in touch after the project was completed, to make sure everything continued to work well. I like the synergy and efficiency which results from having one person as both architect and general contractor. He did a good job of dealing with the permit and condo approval process and [...]

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