Bathroom Remodeling To Improve Your Home Sale Price

Deciding on what to do with the budget you’ve set aside to renovate your bathroom can be tough. There are improvements you want to improve your lifestyle and there are improvements that could improve your home’s resale value. Ideally, you should choose improvements that fit both criteria.

Since personal preference varies, here are some tips that bode well for your home’s resale value:

  • Bathrooms are often crowded, especially if you live in a city like Chicago. When renovating, try to maximize the storage space in the bathroom by installing shelf units or hanging some items on the wall. Also, try to find purchases that serve a dual purpose and have hidden storage space.
  • Improving the ventilation may not spring to mind immediately but can be a big win. Air movement affects bathroom temperature, humidity and fogging of mirrors. Poor air flow could damage cabinets or encourage the growth of mold or weird, rusty orange spots on your shower!
  • Warm lighting can stick in a buyer’s mind and help justify paying that little bit extra for your home.

Veseli offers free consultations for bathroom renovations. We’ll help you decide how to prioritize improvements based on your personal preferences and resale value.

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