Bathroom Remodeling To Improve Your Home Sale Price

Deciding on what to do with the budget you've set aside to renovate your bathroom can be tough. There are improvements you want to improve your lifestyle and there are improvements that could improve your home's resale value. Ideally, you should choose improvements that fit both criteria. Since personal preference varies, here are some tips [...]

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Earthy Bathroom with Dimmers

Earthy, tranquil and warm – how many people can say that about their remodeled bathroom?  Installing dimmers on your lighting can work wonders for mood settings. Details like these are another reason why Veseli’s synergy between architecture, interior design, and home construction sets it apart from other home remodeling contractor companies. This may be the [...]

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Clever Bathroom Storage

Robern medicine cabinet slides up to reveal hidden storage space.   This mirror also has a custom lighting options and a defogger! This multifunctional cabinet is especially popular for condos in the city with limited storage space. Veseli Design + Build, Inc will bring ideas like this to the table based on your situation.  

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Contemporary Bath and Mosaics

 Ingredients for an enviable bathroom that makes you want to have constant bubble baths: Veseli shopping with you to find a contemporary bath with 1x1 glass mosaics from Lewis Home and Floor Robern medicine cabinet; and Sonia vanity from Advantage Kitchen and Bath. Veseli contractors that offer round the clock, budget conscious supervision Reliable plumbing [...]

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